Mental Health Advisory Group

Terms of Reference

Mental illness is a major public health problem in the general community with one in five Australians experiencing a mental disorder in any one year and 45% experiencing a mental illness during their lifetime. Many of these problems first emerge in young people.  Now, there is increasing recognition that mental health problems are particularly prevalent among university students with rates of mental illness higher among students than their peers outside the university system. Not only are mental illnesses among university students responsible for substantial personal distress and increased risk of suicide they can also significantly disrupt a student's academic progress and research output.  

Addressing these issues requires an all-of-university community response. Recognising this and the need to more systematically and effectively address the mental health problems on campus, the Advisory Group will:

  • Identify key mental health issues in the ANU community.
  • Identify proactive preventative initiatives.
  • Priorities in mental health, both short and long-term.
  • Review current policies and procedures for addressing mental health issues in the University.
  • Make recommendations on the most effective means for considering mental health within the University governance structures.

The Advisory Group will report to the Student Experience Committee.

  • Members
  • Meetings


Category Member Term expiry
Chair Professor Richard Baker
Members One Associate Dean (Education) to network with all academic Colleges through the network of Associate Deans (Education)
One head/deputy head of University operated student residences to network with other university Halls/Colleges through the network of heads of halls
One head/deputy head of affiliated student residences to network with other affiliates the network of heads of halls
One student president of residential halls/colleges to network with all academic Colleges including Griffin Hall through the network of student presidents
PARSA President or nominee
ANUSA President or nominee
ANUSA International Students Officer
A student consumer of University mental health services
The University Legal Counsel or nominee
Dean of Students
The Head of University Counselling or nominee
The Registrar, Division of Student Services or nominee
A member of academic staff with clinical expertise
The mental health counsellor


Date & location
Monday 30 Jul, 2pm
Monday 10 Sep, 2pm
Wednesday 10 Oct, 2pm
Thursday 29 Nov, 2pm