Dates & deadlines

To access the consolidated list of Council, Academic Board and other Committee meeting dates and agenda deadlines refer to the committee calendar on the right hand side. Due dates for feedback sought on proposals from University committees appear in the list below.

Committee deadlines

Education Standards & Quality Committee

Feedback required ESQC 4/2016

ESQC 4/2016 – Item 10 – Course Representative Policy and Procedure Working Party – Feedback deadline 19 August 2016 Each College/relevant Division to nominate a representative to by no later than 19th August 2016.
Date19 August 2016

Feedback required ESQC 4/2016

ESQC 4/2016 – Item 11 – Academic Programs and Courses Framework – Feedback deadline 26 September 2016 Colleges to provide feedback to by no later than 26 September 2016 on the proposed accreditation policy and suite of procedures.
Date26 September 2016