Out of school learning in remote Indigenous Australia

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

The Australian Government's highest priority in Indigenous Affairs is getting children to school. Yet in February 2018 we were told that The Closing the Gap Report revealed the target to halve the gap in reading and numeracy for Indigenous students by this year is not on track - neither is the effort to dramatically improve school attendance. Typically solutions always focus on schooling. However, in this presentation we want to focus attention on successful out-of-school learning initiatives in remote regions in the early years, adolescent years and young adult years that are enabling literacies and future pathways.

Presenter: Inge Kral, CAEPR-ANU. Co-authored with: Ros Bauer, Pina Pina Jarrinjaku (Yuendumu Learning Centre) WYDAC

Inge Kral is a linguistic anthropologist with more than thirty years' experience in Indigenous education, languages and literacy. Prior to coming to ANU in 2003, she was a teacher, teacher linguist, adult literacy educator and education consultant in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Inge's research interests include community-based out of school learning and literacy; youth, digital media and new literacies; Australian Indigenous languages, literacy and new media; and school to work transitions.

Ros Bauer has significant experience in adult learning and adult language literacy & numeracy (LLN) in Indigenous education contexts. She is committed to adult literacy provision with a sustainable social capital approach embedding community capacity building outcomes. Her commitment to this approach is evident in the projects she undertakes such as the work she is currently doing in remote Northern Territory; which led to her award for Excellence in Adult Literacy Numeracy Practice at the Australian Training Awards. Ros has qualifications in Aboriginal education, TESOL, LLN, Vocational Education, Neuroscience & Learning; and is principal consultant for her business Ros Bauer Adult Literacy Services.