Employers regard internships as the best way to assess the employability of students attempting to enter the work force.

Internships add relevant experience to your degree, which is valuable to graduate employers. They help you clarify your career and academic goals by exposing you to new industries, companies and positions. Internships provide an excellent opportunity to build and strengthen your professional network. They can sometimes lead to offers of future part-time, full-time or graduate employment.

Unpaid internships undertaken for credit or with a not-for-profit organization typically comply with the regulations set out by the Fair Work Act. However, if you are considering other forms of unpaid work experience the Fair Work Act may have stipulations on whether you should be considered and paid as an employee for the work you undertake. For further information, download Fair Work Australia's Fact Sheet on Internships and Vocational Placements, available at If you have questions about the legality of an internship placement or would like more information, feel free to contact ANU Careers for advice.

For credit internships

For-credit opportunities are available in most colleges and departments at ANU, and placements available range from local, Canberra-based organisations to positions in international organisations. Check the available for-credit internships on ANU Connections, or talk to an Academic Coordinator within your College to explore getting credit for a specific opportunity.

Other work experience opportunities

Don't ignore opportunities just because you can't get academic credit! Work experience is very important to future employers, and skills and knowledge gained through non-credit opportunities add significant value to your degree and resume. Look for cadetships, vacation programs, work experience, clerkships, placements, cooperative programs and internships offered directly by employers and professional associations.