Applying for exchange overseas

Exchange applications for Semester 1: open 15 March and close 31 May.

Results posted: Mid August

Exchange applications for Semester 2: open 1 September and 30 November.

Results posted: Mid February following year.


Ever wanted to study overseas? If you want to apply for exchange through ANU Global Programs, we have 170+ universties in over 35 countries for you to choose from!

The exchange application process starts long before the application deadline, so students should prepare one year in advance of going on exchange.

Exchange places per partner are limited and competition is high, so be prepared and don't miss out.

Start planning at least a year before you want your exchange to start.*

Plan your ANU degree subjects knowing you will be taking a semester out to study overseas. Try to save your electives courses.

Check your eligibility to apply.


Step 1 - Research

Two semesters before exchange:

  • Attend an ANU Global Programs "Exchange Information Session". Sessions are advertised through the Global Programs Facebook site.
  • Refer to the "Exchange presentation" to understand how exchange works.
  • Research through the list of exchange partners for suitable course offerings on their website and course catalogues.
  • You can also use the Global Programs System Program Search to find exchange partners.
  • Look at GPA requirements, term dates, any language requirements, semester load equivalencies etc.
  • Decide on 5 exchange partners and list them on a College Endorsement Form (CEF).
  • Book an appointment or drop-in to see your academic college(s) and get the CEF approved by an academic college advisor.
  • Students need to have a minimum of 24 ANU units approved for each semester of exchange.
  • Most exchange partners are for one semester of studies.
  • If you wish to go on exchange for two semesters, please refer to the exchange partner list, for exchange partners where two semesters are possible.
  • If you intend on studying courses taught in another language, have a Language Approval Form (LAF) approved by a language convenor.


Step 2 - Application

Two semesters before exchange:

  • Register an account on the ANU Global Programs System to apply for exchange.
  • Upload your approved College Endorsement Form and Language Approval Form (if required) into your online application.
  • Select 5 partner universities and complete each application in the Global Program System.
  • Complete all 5 of your online applications, with ticks in all boxes and the 5 unversities are ranked in order.
  • Write a statement of purpose if you are applying for a popular (restricted) partner university.


Step 3 - Nomination

One semester before exchange:

  • Successful applicants will each be allocated one exchange partner. Results are released on the ANU Global Program System.
  • Allocation of exchange spots is based on GPA rankings. All allocations are final.
  • Attend an ANU Global Programs "Nomination Briefing Session". Students will be emailed with an invitation to attend the sessions.
  • Refer to the "Exchange presentation" to understand next steps on how to apply to the partner.
  • Accept (commit) to exchange or decline (withdraw) from the exchange offer.
  • Go through the application instructions to apply to the exchange partner.
  • Gather documents as required by the exchange partner eg. application, copy of passport, official transcripts, reference letters, insurance etc.
  • Complete the application directly to your nominated exchange partner, following instructions as advised by the partner, and meet their deadlines.
  • Organise course selections and approvals with your academic college(s).
  • Each exchange partner is unique and application processes vary for each university.
  • Receive an exchange offer from your exchange partner.


Step 4 - Pre-departure

One semester before exchange:

  • Receive further information from your host university.
  • Apply for accomodation, insurance, visa etc.
  • Apply for OS-Help, grants, scholarships where relevant.
  • Attend an ANU Global Programs "Pre-Departure Session". Students will be emailed with an invitation to attend the sessions.
  • Refer to the "Exchange presentation" to understand next steps before you leave for exchange.
  • Must complete an "Enrolment Change Form" (for exchange enrolment) for your academic college(s) before you leave for exchange.
  • Organise any changes or final course approvals with your academic college(s).
  • Finalise all arrangments in preparing to go! Finances, flights, mobiles, immunisations, insurance etc.


Step 5 - On Exchange!

The exchange semester:

  • Pack well and have a safe journey!
  • Arrive at your exchange partner and attend their orientation week.
  • Connect with your host and new friends at the partner university.
  • Continue to check your ANU email account and communicate with ANU using your ANU email account.
  • Keep in touch with ANU and share your experiences on Global Programs Facebook and take part in the Instagram Contest. We love your pix!
  • Write an article for the ANU Global Programs blog.
  • Before returning, settle all outstanding arrangments eg. order transcript, return that library book, settle your accommodation fees!


Step 6 - Return from Exchange

Semester following return from exchange:

  • Enjoy your travels and come back safely.
  • Start back at ANU and volunteer for Global Program events, we need lots of help from exchange returnees.
  • We love to have you join us for exvhange related activities for Orientation/Bush Week, Global Fair, ANU Open Day, etc.
  • Share your experience with prospective exchange students by taking part in social events organised by ANU Global Programs.
  • Join the ANU Exchange Network and be a buddy with incoming exchange students.


* Some degrees may only allow you to go on exchange after having completed more than 1 year of full-time study. Also, some partners may have restrictions that do not permit students to study with them until their third year of undergraduate study.