Global Society Community

The Global Society is a national network of like-minded students and professionals with an international edge. It encompasses members who have already undertaken overseas study, while also providing support for current University students who are about to embark on an overseas study experience. One of the Global Society's benefits and connecting platforms is their study abroad and exchange forum called the Global Society Community.

Do you want answers to all your various questions around studying overseas, but are not quite sure where to get them? We encourage you to sign up to the free Global Society Community, a platform of forums where you can ask and answer a whole range of questions relating to global study. Questions can be on anything and everything related to overseas study, such as accessing super-cheap flights to tips and advice on US university housing options.

ANU is a launch university partner of the Global Society and provides paid memberships for all students going out on the student exchange program. However, the Global Society Community is open to all students - at any point of the global study life cycle - and we encourage ANU students to sign up to learn more and interact with other like-minded individuals.