Information on the IARU Global Summer Program for ANU students


A full list of courses offered, including descriptions and assessment details, is available on the IARU GSP website.

Please be aware that the commencement date of several GSP courses may conflict with the ANU study semesters or exam periods. It is your responsibility to ensure that your participation in the GSP does not interfere with your ANU study program. You are strongly advised to discuss your participation in GSP with your ANU academic college prior to application if you feel that your ANU studies may be affected by the dates of the program.


GSP applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • You are enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree program at ANU at the time of application and for the duration of the GSP course.
  • You must have already completed at least one year of tertiary study, and at least six months at ANU at the time of application.
  • You need a minimum 'credit' GPA - 5 on a 7 scale. All courses studied in your current academic level at university (ie all your undergraduate studies, or all your postgraduate coursework studies) are considered when calculating your GPA. You can find the ANU Global Programs GPA calculator in the resources list.

GSP is primarily aimed at senior undergraduate students. However, Honours and postgraduate coursework students may apply to courses that have been identified as specifically open to graduates.

If you have previously participated in GSP at an overseas partner university you may only then apply for the GSP course at ANU.

Selection basis

Applicants are assessed on the responses to the statement of purpose and supplementary information in addition to their academic transcript.

In selecting candidates for the GSP, the selection panel is looking for students who demonstrate both the academic rigour and personal qualities that will enable them not only to academically excel, but also to act as outstanding ambassadors for ANU and potential leaders of the future. The selectors are looking for applicants who combine a consistently good standard of results with a depth of engagement in the topic as it relates to their current or future academic goals.


Seeking credit for GSP courses at IARU partner universities is not a requirement, however you are encouraged to apply for credit status upon your return to ANU. Please note that the amount of credit that can be awarded may vary depending on the course and is at the discretion of your ANU academic college.

Participation Costs

Cost information for each course is available in the course information found on the IARU website. Please note that some universities require students to pay a refundable housing deposit.

It is the student's responsibility to arrange payments with the host university.

Top ranked students attending a GSP course offered at an IARU partner institution will be entitled to financial support from ANU as indicated in the table below. 

Students will be advised of any financial support from ANU at the time of their nomination.

If a student is nominated to attend a GSP course, but is not receiving funding from ANU, they may attend as a self-funded student. 

Alternate funding may be available, but students should be aware that it is their responsibility to seek this.

The amounts shown below are indicative only, and may change.



2018 ANU funding (AUD)*

University of Cambridge



University of Copenhagen



University of Copenhagen



University of Copenhagen



University of Copenhagen




National University of Singapore



National University of Singapore



University of Oxford



Peking University



Peking University



Peking University



Peking University



The University of Tokyo**



The University of Tokyo**



The University of Tokyo**



University of California, Berkeley



University of California, Berkeley



University of Cape Town



University of Cape Town

UCT 2 $1280  

Yale University



Yale University




* Please be advised that the amounts listed are indicative, and the amount may vary The subsidy provided will depend on relevant foreign currency exchange rates and will be finalised when successful candidates are accepted by the host institution. The amount of any funding made available to the student will be confirmed and paid directly to the student in May-June 2018.

** TOK1 is an additional, optional Japanese language course.  If you elect to enrol in TOK1, you will only receive the subsidy listed for the other TOK courses in which you enrolled for, according to the funding table.

Additional funding may be available for applicants from Access and Equity groups when you apply.

Banco Santander Scholarships

As part of their social responsibility program, Banco Santander is partnering with IARU to award scholarships to outstanding students attending the IARU GSP. There is no requirement for students to apply for this scholarship. ANU will advise students who have been awarded the scholarship. These students will be known as Santander Scholars and will be asked to join the Santander Scholarships Portal once it is launched.

The value of the scholarship is dependent upon the number of scholarship winners and foreign currency exchange rates. The amount to be paid will be finalised when successful candidates are accepted by the host institution.


ANU will nominate the two top-ranked students for each course and forward the nominations to the relevant IARU partner institutions for their final decision regarding selection.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by mid-April.

How to apply

Please use the above application link to find the IARU Global Summer Program in the ANU Global Programs system. Your application will enable you to select up to three IARU GSP courses.

  • Once you start your application, find the 'LEARNING CONTENT' box on the Program Application Page. Download the 'IARU Global Summer Program 2018 Application Form' (word document). This form is sent to the partner university.
  • You will need to complete one copy of this form for each GSP course you apply for. Students can apply for a maximum of three GSP courses, so you will complete and upload a maximum of three application forms.
  • The 'IARU Global Summer Program 2018 Application Form' provides an opportunity to include a statement of purpose. You should look to include relevant information that best demonstrates and supports your reasons for wanting to participate in the course, what you hope to contribute to and get out of the course, as well as demonstrating your commitment to pass on your experiences to fellow students on your return to ANU.
  • You will also have an opportunity in the 'IARU Global Summer Program 2018 Application Form' to provide a supplementary information statement. You can outline any extra-curricular involvement or experiences that may be relevant to your application, such as work experience, volunteer activities, community involvement, or sporting/cultural achievements. Students can use this section to demonstrate their leadership experience and qualities, as well as showing their potential to be a leading ambassador for ANU.
  • Once you have completed the 'IARU Global Summer Program 2018 Application Form', find the 'QUESTIONNAIRE(S)' box on the 'PROGRAM APPLICATION PAGE'. Select 'IARU Global Summer Program'. Complete the questionnaire, then upload your application forms in the relevant section.
  • Once you have completed the rest of the application (the 'Personal Details' questionnaire, and e-signing the Privacy Statement and the Terms and Conditions), each box on the 'PROGRAM APPLICATION PAGE' should have a tick next to it.
  • Please note that once the application is complete, it will be automatically submitted for consideration, and you will not be able to edit it further.

You may also be asked to provide additional documentation to ANU and to host universities during the selection period.

If you are successful and you are nominated to attend a GSP course and subsequently withdraw from the GSP, after signing the nomination acceptance form, you may be required to pay a withdrawal fee of $250.

Applications for ANU students wishing to attend a GSP course at an IARU partner institution or ANU close on Friday 16 March 2018.

Information sessions about GSP

Tuesday, 20 February 2018: 4-5PM, Building 25A, HW Arndt, 1012, Fred Gruen Economics Seminar Room

Friday, 2 March 2018: 1-2PM, Building 25A, HW Arndt, 1012, Fred Gruen Economics Seminar Room

Failure to complete

If you are selected for a GSP course and subsequently fail to successfully complete the course you may be required to reimburse ANU some or all of the funding monies paid to you.