International study abroad

At ANU we provide students with opportunities for study at amazing learning destinations around the world.

Studying overseas as part of your degree can provide personal and academic rewards, adding value to your ANU experience. Some benefits of learning abroad during your time at ANU include:

  • Add an international dimension to your ANU degree.
  • Broaden your education and participate in courses not offered at ANU.
  • Make new friends and form networks around the world.
  • Live in another culture while building skills and gaining knowledge to diversify your career options.

If the university you wish to study at isn't an ANU partner university then you will need to consider independently studying abroad.

Choosing your own independent study abroad option could allow you to complete courses overseas and count them towards your ANU degree. However, you will need to pay international fees directly to your host university. Study abroad is not a formal program and as such students enrol as international fee paying students at their host university. All administrative and academic arrangements need to be made on an individual basis with your home ANU academic college/s prior to participating.

Independent study abroad is an option for domestic and international students enrolled in an undergraduate program at ANU.