Residential opportunities

For many students their first years at ANU are lived within one of the campus residencies, but residences aren't merely accommodation but an opportunity for involvement on differing levels. Volunteering is an invaluable chance to broaden your student experience which enriching the university community as a whole.

There are numerous volunteer roles and programs within the residences some of these are wholly voluntary with no pre-required experience and are intended for your earliest time living there. Offering better insight into the organisation and execution of residential life. Other positions are associated with scholarships or bursaries. These positions, for example senior resident and residential advisor roles, require some relevant previous experience at a university residence because they centre on the support and supervision of peers.

Volunteering within a residence isn't simply a job but an opportunity to be part of a unique, close-knit team. A team that evolves each year and allows each member to vies the student experience from a new perspective while giving back to their residence and the university community.