Violence & sexual assault support

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The University strives to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment. Our commitments include:

  1. At ANU we believe that all students have a right to feel safe and secure at all times. We believe that students should be able to fully participate in all aspects of life on campus.
  2. We have an obligation to provide a safe environment for all students and staff.
  3. We believe that sexual assault and sexual harassment can prevent a student from taking part in activities and involvement in the life of the University.
  4. We will support students who report sexual harassment or sexual assault including facilitating access to relevant counselling, medical, police or legal services.
  5. We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of any student who reports sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Your rights & support

Sexual assault is a misuse of power & takes away your right to choose. It is not your fault. Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual behaviour...

Where can I go if I need help?

For immediate assistance If you, or a student you know, has just been the subject of a sexual assault and the student is in immediate fear for their...
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Steps; Listen and support; establish immediate safety; consider informing a staff member; provide information about options

Supporting someone who has been sexually assaulted

What to do if someone discloses an allegation of sexual assault to you Supporting a student who alleges sexual assault can have a major influence on...

Reporting sexual harassment or sexual assault: Our Principles

Summary of Principles: The University will review all allegations and make a determination on whether to proceed with an inquiry. ANU will suspend...

ANU reporting procedures Q&A

What happens if I make a report about the behaviour of another student or staff member? If your complaint is against another student, the University...
Consent Matters Introduction

Education & training

This page provides information about programs that promote social change and the elimination of sexual violence through inclusive education and...

Your safety on campus

Making the campus a safe environment for students is the highest priority of the University. When incidents do occur we are committed to take...