Spiritual support

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ANU offers spiritual support for all students, staff and visitors seeking pastoral care and referrals on a confidential basis. It is a place to be yourself, a place to chat. We promote and support action for justice, peace and the integrity of creation, with no discrimination in respect of racial and/or ethnic background.

Places for prayer & comfort

We have chapel and a designated Muslim prayer room available from 10am-4pm during term periods. These are places for: prayer and meditation...

User's charter

Spiritual support facilities are available for use by members and societies of all faiths. Our expectations from users and visitors are: To abide by...

Our chaplains

All ANU Chaplains have their Working With Vulnerable Peoples Cards. A number of Chaplains are also fluent in languages other than English. Name...

Chaplain's code of conduct

All chaplains at ANU are at all times expected to behave as persons occupying and exercising a position of trust. Our chaplaincy's commitments to...