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Designing a research project? Writing a thesis, exegesis or a publication? Learn how you can manage a research project from start to finish and communicate its significance with authority. These pages are designed primarily for HDR students, however Honours, ANIP and other students completing research projects, may also find the resources helpful.

Starting the research project

Develop a viable and feasible research project that demonstrates your understanding of scholarly research, and discover some useful tools for successfully managing a large research project from start to finish.

Writing the thesis

A thesis has to make a contribution to knowledge appropriate for the level of degree. Find out how you can develop a coherent and logical thesis structure that supports the overall thesis argument or key message. Examine strategies for writing introductions, literature reviews, and conclusions.

Finishing up

Getting to end of your research project will involve tying all the parts of your thesis together to ensure cohesion and clarity. Discover a systematic approach to editing your writing to improve its overall quality.

Disseminating your research

Where do you start when writing a journal article or giving a research presentation? Discover why audiences matter. Learn how to write an effective paper or poster, and respond to reviewers’ reports.

Further resources

Need more information or further help? We can provide you with individual or group teaching on the range of topics outlined on this site. Don’t forget to also check the related links on this page.