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If you are new to ANU or even just studying in a new discipline, you'll face a period of adjustment to the 'ANU culture'. Some things may be different at ANU compared to your past experiences. Being aware of these differences can help you to develop strategies that will assist you during your studies.

Becoming a scholar

When you come to ANU, whether you're arriving from another country, an Australian secondary school, the workforce, or any other pathway, you'll face...

Time management

For all students, some kind of time management strategy is essential if you are going to avoid being overwhelmed by responsibilities. Successful time...

Researching and finding sources

Persuasive writing needs to be well-reasoned and backed by evidence. This is why knowing how to break down an essay question and gather relevant...

Reading strategies

At university, you are expected to do a lot of reading. This reading will generally fall into two categories: weekly reading for tutorials and...


Developing a systematic approach to note-taking is an important skill. Including evidence in assessment pieces and revising for exams are smoother...

Participating in classes

During your studies, you may experience a variety of class types.  Lecture: large group classes which generally don't include much interaction. All...
Students talking

English language

If you have English as a second or additional language, building on your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills by regularly practising and...

O-week academic workshops

During Orientation Week, we run workshops to help your academic transition at ANU. These workshops are free and open to new and continuing students....