Undergraduate International - Accept

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer. All offers are sent by email, so it is important that you provide an active email address that you check frequently.

Once you receive an offer it is very important that you accept as soon as possible to ensure your place at ANU is reserved.

Acceptance Deadline

The final date we can receive your acceptance is indicated on your offer letter. However, we recommend that you accept as soon as possible so you can start planning your program and get involved in our amazing student community.

How to Accept

Step 1
Check Conditions

Before you accept, check your offer letter to make sure you meet any remaining conditions. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions about the conditions of your offer.

Step 2
Submit your acceptance forms

Direct Applicants

Please complete the Acceptance & Payment Advice form attached to your offer letter, and email the completed form to acceptance@anu.edu.au

Alternatively, you can send a copy of your Acceptance & Payment Advice form to the mailing address indicated on your offer letter.

UAC International Applicants

If you applied through the Universities Admissions Centre, you will need to complete the "Acceptance and Payment Advice" form located in the resource section located to the right of this page.

Step 3
Pay your deposit

Please ensure you submit your tuition fee deposit when you accept your offer. If you submitted your payment online, please indicate your receipt number on your acceptance form.