Accommodation preferences

The residential experience at ANU is a unique one given that there are over 4,800 students residing in ANU approved accommodation. Each and every residence offers a similar experience which creates lifelong memories and friendships.  The experience and opportunities which are available as a resident isn't tied to a particular location - what you put in is what you are going to get out of your experience!

We guarantee you a bed - not your preference

We know that your accommodation preference is important to you, however as the accommodation preference is not guaranteed we recommend you accept the offer you have been made.  If you did not receive an offer to your preferred residence this is because there are no vacancies available and you were given the next available vacancy. 

Preferences are usually selected based on price or lifestyle (eg catering) but due to demand we are unable to place all applicants where they want to go.  We will offer other locations which have price or lifestyle differentials - you should plan for this within your budget and understand that you may have to cook for yourself even if you selected a catered option.

You will only be made one offer, we recommend that you accept that offer even if it is not at the place you selected.  You can always apply to transfer when we run our transfer process (not guaranteed) during the year.

If you do not accept the offer of the place you have been made we will re-offer that place to someone else, you will not be made another offer so you should source your own accommodation elsewhere.

Changing preferences

Changes to your residential preference in your application closes on 31st October, preference change requests will not be accepted after this date. 

Choosing your preference

When applying for accommodation you will have the opportunity to select one preference, so you are best to visit the ANU for Open Day or do research about our residences. Our main page lists all of the student residences which are located on or very close to campus.

Things to consider when selecting a preference is lifestyle choice, do you prefer:

  • catered accommodation where all meals are provided or self-catered where you cook for yourself
  • communal facilities where shower and toilet areas are shared with other residents or private self contained bathroom facilties
  • Studio apartment or multi-share apartment

The costs vary across all accommodation styles and most people prefer the cheaper locations in the middle of campus, but unfortunately we get so many applications for this style of accommodation we can't fit everyone in.  As a result we have to place people in other locations.

How are residents chosen?

When selecting our residents we run an auto-allocation process, so we set parameters based on demographics, and aim for an equal number of males/females, an even split of domestic v international students, we mix up the countries which our international students are from and then look for a diverse range of programs the students are studying.  There is nothing personal in the ANU selection of residents.

Burgmann College and John XXIII College undertake their own unique selection process, which is outside of the University's process.  If you have any enquiries regarding their selection process please contact the College directly.