Re-admission to your residence

About returning to your residence

Re-admission process

This process is currently under review, please check back here regularly for updates.  If you are currently living in a student residence on campus you will be notified of any changes.

The governing principle for readmission of residents within ANU Halls of Residence (covering all halls and lodges but excluding the affiliates) is to ensure that the Halls maintain a culture of mutual respect among residents, a positive ethos, and a balanced and diverse community. The Halls also take into account the University's strategic plans, for example through the First Year Guarantee, which can have an impact on the readmissions process.   

Readmission to the Hall at the end of the period of your Occupancy Agreement is not automatic and is subject to a reapplication process. It is decided on case by case basis, according to the following considerations:

  • Satisfactory observation of ANU policies and procedures, as well as the Occupancy Agreement and Handbook;
  • Satisfactory performance of financial obligations, as outlined in the Occupancy Agreement;
  • Satisfactory academic performance, as outlined in the Hall Handbook;
  • Full-time enrolment and a commitment to full-time enrolment for the following year, except where the Head has agreed to vary this requirement.

The readmission process may also take into account factors such as a positive attitude to community living, leadership and leadership potential, and a record of active community engagement within the Hall and wider ANU.

While the Halls aim to readmit as many residents as they can, the need to ensure that there are sufficient places available to meet the New Student Accommodation Guarantee may mean that a Hall cannot offer a place to all residents who wish to return. In this case, the Hall will take into account all previously mentioned points as well as the following:

  • A resident's capacity to make a successful transition into the wider Canberra community, including whether they have specific personal circumstances which will affect the transition (e.g. medical, exceptional financial limitations);
  • A resident's reasons  for wanting to return to the Hall;
  • How a resident has benefitted socially and academically from living in a Hall, as well as what they expect to gain from continued residency;
  • Any other information provided by a resident in their Returner application.


Note: This re-admission process is for those residents who are in room and wish to apply to live in the same residence again in 2018. 

To apply for re-admission to your ANU Residence there are a number of questions you will need to answer, to allow you time to consider your responses we have provided the questions below.  Please ensure that you complete the online application providing as much detail as you are able to ensure full consideration can be given. 

We encourage you to submit your application as soon as you can, not leaving it to the last minute. You will be advised of the application dates prior to applications opening. If you are mid-way through your application when the application portal closes we will not receive all of your responses and your application will be deemed incomplete.  Late applications and incomplete applications will not be accepted or considered.

Please note: applications can only be submitted electronically via the Submit an application link on this page and will not be accepted in any other form.

Following are the questions contained in the online application.  Please take time to read them, you can prepare your responses in advance and add them to your application when the portal is open:

About you

  1. What is your current level of studies: (Dropdown selection field)
  2. Select the Academic program that you are currently enrolled in: (Dropdown selection field)
  3. What year did you first commence your studies at ANU? (Text box)
  4. Will Semester 1, 2018 be your final semester at ANU? (Radio button selection)
  5. How many years have you lived in a student residence at ANU (in total, not just within your current residence)? (Text box)

About returning to your community

  1. Have you been involved in the following activities which benefit the University and/or the wider community? (Radio button multiple selection)
  • Resident Committee
  • Academic Mentoring
  • Community building activities
  • Off campus activities
  • Arts or sports activities
  • Social committees/Social activities
  • Leadership activities
  • Other
    If you have selected any of the above please provide details (400 characters or less incl. spaces)
  1. How have you personally benefited and developed living in a residence and undertaking the activities which you have performed?  (1,200 characters or less incl. spaces)
  2. What activities and/or programs do you plan to undertake in Semester 1, 2018 and how do you plan to contribute to your Community? (400 characters or less incl. spaces)
  3. What actions have/are you doing to achieve this? (400 characters or less incl. spaces)
  4. Have you ever been in breach of your Occupancy Agreement? (Radio button)
    If yes, please provide details (400 characters or less incl. spaces)
  5. Why do you want to return to your residence next year? (400 characters or less incl. spaces)

Supporting Information

  1. I have a documented health/medical condition which I would like taken in to account:
    Please provide details - supporting evidence may be required (400 characters or less incl. spaces)
  2. If you are registered with Access & Inclusion, and you would like us to take this into account when assessing your application please tick this box - (Tick box)
  3. Is there anything else that should be considered to support your application? (eg. 1st in family to undertake tertiary studies, enrolled in a specialised program, from a regional or remote region location) (400 characters or less incl. spaces)

How to apply

To log in to the portal you will be required to log in using your Username and Password which will be provided to you in an email from your residence.

Once you have logged in:

  • Click on the Application tab
  • Select 2018 Full Year
  • Select Start/View Application 
  • Complete all sections of the application and ensure that you acknowledge the Declaration
  • Ensure that you click Save & Continue in the Agreement section to submit your application
  • Check that your Application Status shows as Application Complete/Received


Returners applications open*

Tuesday 3rd October - 9am

Returners  applications close (no late applications will be accepted)

Monday 9th October - 10am

Application outcome emails (both successful & unsuccessful) will be sent from the Residence in which you are applying to

Wednesday 18th October

Final date for accepting Returners offer 

Friday 20th October - 4pm

* If you experience any difficulties with your application outside of Office hours please contact your Hall Front Office during business hours

Acceptance of a Returners offer

Successful applicants will need to accept the offer electronically within 48 hours of the offer being made, as per the timelines above.  You will be emailed instructions on this with your offer.

At the time of accepting an offer you will be required to pay Acceptance Fees within 48 hours directly to your residence to secure your place.  The fees include:

  • Resident Committee Fee (where applicable)
  • Two (2) weeks rent

Follow the instructions in your offer letter on how to pay your acceptance fees.

Please be aware:

  • Submitting an application to Return does not guarantee re-admission to your residence
  • Late applications will NOT be accepted
  • Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted
  • Scholarship position holders (Community Coordinators, Senior Residents etc.) MUST apply
  • It is in your best interest to complete this application in full as decisions are final 
  • There is no appeals process as the decision made has been determined through careful consideration of your application

This information is subject to change without notice - please check this page regularly for updates.