Burton & Garran Hall

College life is all about living and learning together. Burton and Garran Hall (B&G) is an all-inclusive community, full of opportunity, interaction and diversity. It is the interaction between peers, senior residents, leadership team members and office support staff that creates an enriched student experience through collegiate living.

Living on campus, students experience the benefits of a close-knit community full of support, friendship and fun. With a wide array of academic, cultural and social events, new residents quickly become a part of the B&G family. Living on campus adds a valuable dimension to your degree and uniquely defines your university experience.

B&G is a multicultural Hall, with people from all over Australia and all over the world, studying different degrees and at various stages of their studies. The cultural diversity of B&G allows its residents to experience deep and meaningful relationships.

Burton and Garran Hall has 512 single rooms and several larger rooms accessible to returning students.

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