University House

University House is Building No. 1 on the ANU campus, opening in 1954; at the time of the University's establishment. We have 61 students from many different countries who form a thriving and supportive community of scholars pursuing postgraduate coursework or research qualifications. The facilities of University House are here for the sole purpose of providing the social, physical and emotional support needed to help residents complete their academic studies satisfactorily. The House provides an environment where each of its residents can live and work without disturbing or being disturbed by those with whom they live and where they can enjoy the benefits of a fulfilling social life.


Room inclusions

Single accommodation is offered for research students in 58 of the 61 student rooms located on the first and second floors of the South and Garden Wings of University House. The remaining three student rooms in the Garden Wing are double rooms (double bed and separate study area) and are available for postgraduate students and their spouse/partner. There are shared bathrooms on each floor of both wings and a kitchen on the second floor of both wings. A furnished Common Room is located on the first floor of the South Wing and the second floor of the Garden Wing.


Residents of University House are entitled to House Dinner at University House each Wednesday. The cost is included in the tariff. Dinner includes pre-dinner drinks and a sit down dinner with table wines.

Utilities (electricity, gas, water)

The weekly tariff includes water, electricity and internet usage.


All rooms have direct dial telephones with voice mail. All internal University and residential hall calls are free while local, STD and international calls are charged accordingly.

Computer & internet facilities

We have a computer lab with one workstation. Wireless access is provided at University House to all residents in addition to LAN access in each bedroom. Internet usage in students rooms is included in the weekly tariff.

Distance to amenities

University House is within walking distance of the Research Schools, libraries, sporting and other ANU facilities. It is also within walking distance of the city centre. Buses depart from outside University House to all major town centres in Canberra.

Clothes washing

There are two laundries providing washing and drying machines for general use.


Car parking at University House is very limited and is available only to members who have a current University parking permit. Canberra's network of bike paths and public transport is quite good, so we encourage residents to save money and not bring a car. Bicycle sheds and parking spaces are available, but space is limited.


Residents are responsible for cleaning their own room. Vacuum cleaners are provided with appropriate cleaning agents available for purchase from reception. Removal of rubbish is the responsibility of each resident with recycling strongly encouraged.


Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings. Designated smoking areas are located outside.

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