Ursula Hall Main Wing

Imagine your neighbours are 400 of your best mates. That's life in a nutshell at Ursula Hall, affectionately known as 'Ursies'.

Life at Ursula Hall leaves you free to make the most of your time at ANU, with the convenience of classes, libraries and other University resources literally on your doorstep, and three good meals served up each day.

You will become part of a vibrant, student-driven culture which values and promotes high levels of engagement. You will be infected with a 'can do' attitude and before you know it, you'll be signing up for things you never thought you could or would do.

Things like running a 100km marathon with Inward Bound. It's easy to throw your hat in the ring and declare "Why not!" when everyone else is doing it too.

You won't just be signing up for physical challenges. The culture of achievement at Ursula is equally strong when it comes to learning and study.    

At the start of the week, the dining hall plays host to a group study session called 'Might as well Mondays'. Like running a marathon, finding the motivation to study is easier when you have the example of your friends and peers to inspire you.

Mealtimes at Ursula Hall are about more than just food. The dining hall is where you'll form relationships. You will bond over a shared love of pasta, debate opinions, and learn to look at an argument from a different philosophical perspective.

This strong cross-disciplinary culture resides within a vibrant multicultural atmosphere as many Ursula residents have moved from some far away places to study at ANU.

This diversity has contributed to the strong, encouraging and protective community where you'll feel safe to try new things and find it easy to reach your full potential - inside and outside of the classroom.

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