ANU Postgraduate Research – Joint or Dual/ Cotutelle PhD Applications

ANU is committed to the delivery of high quality research training of PhD candidates through the provision of an exceptional research environment and access to opportunities to work with the best researchers nationally and internationally.

ANU offers Joint and Dual/Cotutelle Award PhD degrees through approved partnerships as one mechanism to deliver excellence in research and research training.

A Joint and Dual Award PhD is where a student is studying a PhD program that is administered by two collaborating institutions. The student will spend at least one year at ANU and one year at the approved partner institution during their degree.

A Dual Award PhD is referred to as a Cotutelle only where the partner institution is a French University.

How to apply

Joint and Dual Award PhD program applications are open throughout the year. Candidates interested in pursuing a dual or joint award must apply within six months of commencing at their home institution and commence the joint or dual program within the first 12 months of their PhD.

Tuition fees are generally waived by the host institution unless otherwise specified in the joint or dual award agreement.  

If you are applying for a specific scholarship, it is important that you check the open and close dates for that scholarship. If you are applying for an ANU research scholarship, please be aware the scholarship application deadline. You must indicate on your admission application form whether you still wish to be considered for admission if your application for a scholarship is unsuccessful.


Step 1
Check your eligibility

Check the Programs & Courses website to ensure that you meet the academic requirements of your preferred research program at the institution where you wish to be hosted.

Check the Joint or Dual Award PhD Policy and Procedures to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for a Joint or Dual Award PhD.

All students, whether domestic or international, must also meet the minimum English language requirements for admission.

A supervisor must be available at ANU willing to supervise your research, and your proposal to commence a Joint or Dual Award PhD be accepted by both institutions before you may receive an offer.

Advice to help

English language requirements

Joint or Dual Award PhD Policy

Joint or Dual Award PhD Procedure

Step 2
Find a supervisor

Visit the Researchers website to search potential supervisor profiles, including their research expertise, published works and contact details. Through this process you will need to ascertain whether or not we offer research supervision in your area of interest.

Colleges can also provide information about the areas of research, supervisors and research groups, but note that supervision in some areas of interest can be offered in more than one College.


Visit the sites listed below to find more information around research opportunities in each College, and the appropriate contacts.

Step 3
College pre-application requirements

Once you have identified which supervisor you would like to work with, or which College offers research supervision in your area of interest, you will need to check to see what the pre-application process is for that College.

Most Colleges will ask applicants to identify and secure the support of a potential supervisor before they can proceed to an application for admission. However, some Colleges ask applicants to submit a short description of their proposed area of research as an expression of interest and a summary of their academic qualifications, including grades, to a central contact first.

Visit the relevant College website for pre-application advice (see links above).

Step 4
Joint or Dual/Cotutelle PhD Proposal

To commence the Joint or Dual Award PhD application process, refer to the Joint or Dual Award PhD Policy and Joint or Dual Award PhD Procedure. You may need to complete a proposal to undertake a Joint or Dual Award PhD, which you will submit to potential supervisors or the ANU College that you are applying to as part of the pre-application process.

Refer to the current institutional partnerships that ANU has established, as there may be an existing Joint or Dual Award PhD agreement that you fall within:

Step 5

If you have been advised that it is appropriate to do so by a College, or if you have secured the support of a potential supervisor, you may apply for admission using the ANU Programs & Courses website. If you choose to submit an application for admission without this endorsement your application may not be assessed. 

To submit an application, find the program you want to study using the Program & Courses website, then click the Apply button to access the application portal.

Referee reports

You will need to nominate three referees to support your application. After submitting your application make sure that you contact your referees and ask them to complete the ANU Research Application Referee Report Form, which can be located in the Resources section of this web page. Your referees must submit their completed reports directly to the University. 

Step 6
Receive an outcome

Applications to the University are assessed on an ongoing basis. The ANU will contact you about the result of your application as soon as possible. Applications usually take between 6-8 weeks to assess, or longer if you are applying for a scholarship. All communications, including application outcomes, are sent to your email account so it is important that you provide an email address in your application that you check regularly and you can easily access.