Co-curricular or service requirement

The whole person

When school leavers apply to ANU we want to get a complete picture of who they are. We are doing this by giving them the opportunity to tell us more about what skills they have learnt outside the classroom.

We know students are more than just an ATAR score, we know they are passionate and have unique skills. We know they gain experience through community service, volunteering, working part time, caring for family, participating in school leadership, excelling in sports, creative and performance arts, competitions and more.

Therefore, in addition to meeting academic requirements, we will be 
introducing a compulsory co-curricular or service requirement. This model is designed to strive towards admissions that will:

  • promote the concept of holistic student assessment
  • enhance the success of our graduates both at university and after university for their employability.

The co-curricular or service schedule

The co-curricular or service schedule outlines out-of-class activities that ANU will recognise as satisfying the co-curricular or service requirement for admission. Using a matrix, these activities are mapped against seven skills.

The co-curricular or service requirement will operate as a simple threshold which is met when an applicant has attained three out of seven skills.

As part of their application, domestic secondary students who are eligible to apply under the new admissions model, will select the activities they have undertaken and provide appropriate evidence.

The skills attained will then be calculated in accordance with the schedule. The co-curricular or service threshold is met when the student has attained three out of seven skills.

The co-curricular or service schedule is available under reference documents.

Where possible, examples have been provided for activities that are indicative of how a particular activity is classified. This list of examples is not exhaustive. If you have participated in an activity that is not listed on the schedule, you can group it under a cluster or activity that it would best fit into. If you are still unable to slot your activity under one of the clusters, you can write to us using the 'Ask a question' button.

How the co-curricular or service requirement works

  • This requirement operates as a skills threshold, not a points system so the outcome is either 'met' or 'not met'.
  • Activities specified in the co-curricular or service schedule must be pursued sometime during secondary studies (Year 10 through to Year 12) with commitment requirements being met prior to the application deadline of 31 May 2019.
  • Domestic undergraduate school leavers will demonstrate that they meet the co-curricular or service threshold when they have attained three out of seven skills.
  • The threshold can be met with skills attained from a single or a range of activities, however each skill is counted only once. For example, under Academic Extension Activities, participation in Research Programs or Internships develops communication, personal responsibility, teamwork and creative and critical thinking skills. Participation in the UBS Finance Academy develops personal responsibility and teamwork skills. Together, these activities develop four skills, since each skill is counted only once.
  • More than one activity can be chosen from each category. For example, Summer School Program and International Academic Exchange are both listed under Academic Extension Activities. If you participated in both, you can select both to meet the co-curricular or service threshold.
  • It is possible for the skills threshold to be met with only one activity.
  • Applicants will upload relevant certificates / documents as appropriate evidence.*

This process will:

  • operate as a simple threshold which needs to be met as an admission requirement
  • apply to all students applying through the new admissions model
  • promote engagement and well-roundedness of students
  • highlight skills that enhance employability outcomes
  • give students an opportunity to tell us more about themselves and give us an opportunity to recognise that.

This process will not:

  • competitively rank students by the activities they undertake
  • change a student’s ATAR, or impact other entry requirements
  • replace ANU adjustment factors (bonus points).

Students can use the co-curricular or service calculator below to view and measure their activities to see if they meet the CCS threshold.

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*Templates will be made available when applications open, which can be used where students do not have an official supporting document.