National Group

Nationwide reach  

As Australia's national university, we have a unique mission to educate students from across Australia. Talented students come from all backgrounds, and live in every town and city of Australia. All of them deserve the opportunity to access the life-changing benefits of an ANU education.

From across the nation, students who receive the highest marks in their schools will receive an early offer to come to ANU. Of these applicants, those who meet our minimum entry requirements will be offered a place at ANU. Those applicants who don't quite achieve the required marks will be eligible for consideration in a pathway program.

Admissions group

National admissions group features include:

  • conditional offers to the top 2% of students from every senior secondary school campus in Australia, who meet the University's entry requirements
  • offers will only be made to those students who will apply to ANU
  • offers will be to ANU or an ANU pathway program based on the ANU selection rank of the applicant
  • final offers after the release of ATARs, with students whose ATARs are lower or higher than predicted, reassessed against their preferences
  • satisfying the academic requirements for the program and the co-curricular or service skills threshold in order to be eligible for entry.
National Group students will be required to meet the co-curricular or service skills threshold.

The National Group is one of three groups we will use to admit students: High Achievers Group, Priority Group and National Group.