Priority Group

A fair go

The Australian National University has a proud, longstanding reputation for educating Australia's most gifted students. Our students excel in their own ways, and strive to break new ground as they find their path.

For some students who have had access to challenging extension programs, university is natural next step. For other students the idea of going to university might seem difficult. This group addresses the needs of multiple groups and ensures that academically capable students have access to programs for which they are suitable.

Priority offers

We will prioritise offers to the following groups:

  • students with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
  • students in the final round of the Tuckwell Scholarship application process
  • students completing ANU Extension
  • students with refugee status
  • students from low socio-economic status schools (ICSEA <900)
  • students who have experienced long-term physical or psychological hardship.

Admissions group

Priority admissions group features include:

  • priority placement for students from our identified target groups
  • conditional offers made to students whose ANU selection rank ;meets the requirement for the program they have selected
  • final offers after the release of ATARs, with students whose ATARs are lower or higher than predicted, reassessed against their preferences
  • satisfying the academic requirements for the program and the co-curricular or service skills threshold in order to be eligible for entry.
Priority Group students will be required to meet the co-curricular or service skills threshold.

The Priority Group is one of three groups we will use to admit students: High Achievers Group, Priority Group and National Group.