Parents - Help and Advice

Preparing for tertiary education is an exciting period of self-discovery and growth. As a parent, there are many ways that you can help support your child through this journey.

Getting into university

Parents play a very important role in influencing their children's decisions. You can assist your child consider the various employment and education options and identify future directions.

You can begin by helping your child identify their interests and abilities, and hopes for the future. Then, take the time to explore the choice and flexibility of ANU programs, and learn about the different career options for students.

You can find out more about each degree program at ANU in the Study options section. Remember to take note of the University's minimum English language, admission requirements and prerequisite subjects to ensure that your child chooses the most appropriate subjects to study in the years leading up to their university education.

You can also find out about the application process in the Apply section.

Get involved and explore the ANU experience firsthand by keeping an eye out of advisory events in your local area. The events section is regularily updated.

Starting university

Transitioning from school to university often requires a period of adjustment. There is much to learn, new people to meet and a new way of life to be experienced.

You can support your child by providing direction to accepting and enrolling, preparing to arrive, confirming accommodation arrangements, finding out about orientation week and accessing the support services ANU has to offer.

The New students page will provide all the information that your child needs for getting settled in at ANU.