Pathways for Pasifika students

At ANU, we are committed to enhancing higher education opportunities for Pasifika communities in Australia. This community includes people of Pacific Islander and Maori descent. As the only Australian university with a Pacific Studies undergraduate major and degree, ANU has a particular commitment to increasing the enrolment and participation of Australians from Pacific backgrounds.


Schools Recommendation Scheme

Pasifika students are encouraged to apply through the Schools Recommendation Scheme.

The University will offer early entry to Pasifika students from any Australian secondary school, based on the recommendation of the school principal, but conditional on gaining a minimum Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), dependent upon the applicant's preferred program.

To apply, please follow the steps on the Schools Recommendation Scheme advisory website, and complete and submit the Commonwealth Statutory Declaration form to the Domestic Admission Office at Applicants must also apply for a place in their intended ANU program following the regular domestic undergraduate application process.


National Access Scheme (NAS)

Academic Adjustment

Year 12 applicants who have had a high achievement in national strategic senior secondary school subjects may receive an adjustment of their ANU selection rank in recognition of this achievement. Subject-based adjustments are made according to the Academic Adjustment Schedule set out in the NAS. You do not need to apply for a subject-based adjustment; it is automatically added to your selection rank.

Equity Adjustment

Students with good academic potential, who have experienced serious long term disadvantages in their educational preparation for tertiary entrance, may be eligible for an equity-based selection rank adjustment.

You will need to apply through the UAC Educational Access Scheme and provide appropriate supporting documentation to support your application. Disadvantages may include geographical isolation, serious medical problems, disability and family relationship problems. Qualifying applicants will have a rank adjustment added to their selection rank for their preferred eligible ANU programs.

Visit ANU Undergraduate Adjustment Factors for more information.


ANU College

ANU College (ANUC) is the English Language and academic pathway provider for The Australian National University (ANU). ANU College provide a range of programs designed to help you successfully transition to undergraduate or postgraduate courses at ANU.


Special Consideration

If your previous academic performance at either secondary or tertiary level has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond your control, or you have a record of failure, you may be eligible to submit an application for special consideration.


Adult or mature-age entry

If you are aged 21 or over on 1 March in the year in which you intend to commence an ANU program and do not have assessable qualifications, or your qualifications do not meet the University's regular entry requirements, you may be eligible for an ANU mature-age entry scheme.


If you have specific questions in regards to entry to ANU degree programs, please contact the ANU Admissions Office direct on telephone 02 6125 5594 or email

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