Articulation at ANU

What is articulation

An international articulated degree is a partnership between ANU and an international partner university, which offers you the opportunity to start your degree off-shore at your home institution, and then complete the final years of your degree at ANU.

In an articulation program you will receive one Testamur from ANU.

Student benefits

An international articulated program will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It splits the duration and location of study between your home institution and ANU.
  • Fees are charged respectively by each institution.
  • It reduces your overall cost of an ANU degree and living expenses overseas.

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Program structure

Your program of study will generally be formatted as below (indicative year duration at the partner university + indicative year duration at ANU).

  • At the undergraduate level
    • 2+2, 3+1 for ANU Bachelor degree, or
    • 2+2, 3+2 for ANU Bachelor (Honours) degree
  • At the graduate level
    • 1+1 for ANU Master (Coursework) degree

See Current programs on the right-hand column for more details of specific articulation programs.

Quality assurance

ANU is a world-leading research university with excellent graduate career outcomes.

Your articulated degree provides you the same level of recognition from employers globally as all ANU degrees.