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ANU online courses offered in edX: 

Astrophysics: Exploring Exoplanets

Explore the mysteries of exoplanets - planets around other stars - in this introductory astrophysics course. This course is designed for people who would like to get a deeper understanding of these mysteries than that offered by popular science articles and shows.

Astrophysics: Cosmology

This course covers cosmology - the study of our entire universe. Where did the universe come from? How will it end? What is the nature of space and time?

Astrophysics: The Violent Universe

Interested in exploring the deadliest and most mysterious parts of our universe? Or, investigating black holes, which warp the very fabric of space-time around them? We will look at what we know about these objects, and also at the many unsolved mysteries that surround them. We will also study white-dwarf stars and neutron stars, where the mind-bending laws of quantum mechanics collide with relativity.

Astrophysics: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

This course will be taught by Professor Brian Schmidt and Dr Paul Francis from the Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, and will explore the biggest mysteries of modern astrophysics.

How to Survive Your PhD

This course is primarily designed for masters, PhD, and research students and the academics who are tasked with helping them, but you may also be a family member or friend of a PhD student who is seeking to better understand what your loved one is going through.


Ignorance! provides a comprehensive framework for understanding how people think about unknowns, how they deal with them, and how certain kinds of ignorance are enshrined in cultures and social institutions. Over 5 weeks, we'll be taking you on a tour through ignorance in all its varieties and guises. Ignorance is everyone's business.

Introduction to Actuarial Science

You may have heard of actuarial science, or you might even know an actuary, but do you know what an actuary does? During the course you'll hear from a wide variety of actuaries about their careers. This course readies you for a career as an actuary in finance, investments, banking or insurance.

MicroMasters Program

Evidence-Based Management

The ANU MicroMasters in Evidence-Based Management is designed for students looking to advance their careers or follow a path to an on-campus program.

The Evidence-Based Management MicroMasters Program will equip learners with a solid foundation of, knowledge and skills in evidence-based decision making, and provide applications to use this critical thinking in the areas of management, marketing, international business, technology and project management.

This MicroMasters Program is for those who want to enter a range of analyst roles and will also provide a pathway into a broad range of general and specialized coursework in Master's programs in business and management offered by ANU.

Students who complete the ANU MicroMasters in Evidence-Based Management will receive 24 units of advance standing for the following on ANU qualifications:

  • Master of Management
  • Master of International Management
  • Master of Marketing Management
  • Master of Leadership
  • Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Master of Project Management
  • Master of Business Information Systems