Flexible Vertical Double Degrees

A Bachelor and a Master degree in one study program - graduate with two qualifications

ANU has pioneered the Flexible Vertical Double Degree to give you a head start with a Master degree to gain knowledge, skills and experience that can equip you to work across a broad range of roles and organisations, anywhere in the world.

Save time & money

This vertical study program gives you credit for related areas of study, so you can save time (and money) when compared with studying a Bachelor degree and a Master degree separately.

Specialise or go broad

Studying a Master degree in the same field as your Bachelor degree will give you depth of knowledge and specialist skills. Or you can take your Master degree in a different field to broaden your knowledge and develop your transferrable skills.

Fast-track your career

When being compared with other candidates for employment or a promotion, your Masters qualification will help you stand out and remain competitive in the global jobs market. 

Freedom to explore

If you study an eligible Bachelor degree program at ANU, you can opt-in to a Flexible Vertical Double Degree program straight after you enrol, or up until you have completed 72 units of study. Maintain the required Grade Point Average, and you will transition into the Masters component of your study program at 96 units.  

Studying at university opens your eyes to a wide range of disciplines - many of which you won't have encountered until you arrive. The benefits of aiming for this flexible program are that you can explore what ANU offers before settling on a discipline area. Then when you're ready, you can choose from over 300 Flexible Vertical Double Degree combinations - explore first, decide later.

Here's a handful of our Flexible Vertical Double Degree programs to get you thinking.

Vertical Law programs

If you've just fallen short of the marks you needed to study Law at ANU, a Flexible Vertical Double Degree gives you another pathway to realising your dream when you study an eligible Bachelor degree combined with the ANU Juris Doctor.

The ANU Juris Doctor is a challenging and rewarding Masters-level degree in law - if you're prepared to do the hard yards to maintain the required Grade Point Average to enter this program, you may get to graduate from one of Australia's top law schools, recognised around the world, and be ready to launch into a stellar career. 


Medicine, four-year Advanced degrees or those with built-in Honours (like Law), as well as some Master degrees cannot be combined in a FVDD due to their unique degree structures. Check the Flexible Vertical Degree Finder tool for degree combinations.