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Concordia Research Administration Database (ConRAD)

The University has launched an automated system for the management of research information. ConRAD allows for the internal review and endorsement of applications of grants and the submission of compliance protocols. Researchers can submit and review documents through their access to ConRAD in the MyConcordia Portal.

Important messages for researchers:

1. If you are trying to access ConRAD off-campus, you must login to Concordia's VPN service.

2. To avoid issues, use the following browsers: Firefox or Chrome. The system does not work well with Safari.

3. The link to ConRAD (Concordia Research Administration Database) is located in the “Research and Innovation” folder inside your MyConcordia portal. All grant applications are now routed through Concordia’s electronic ConRAD system, replacing the paper based Grant Submission Form (GSF). 

4. In the “Research and Innovation” folder you will also find My Explore Concordia, our online info. form for submitting and updating your Explore Concordia page. Please take this opportunity to review and update your page! If you still do not have an Explore Concordia page, please join your colleagues by clicking the My Explore Concordia link to create one. About 650 faculty members now are participating, including several entire departments. Have a look:

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