Experience: The push that drives us

For more than 100 years, Northeastern has been driven by a simple truth: Experience deepens learning like nothing else can. Today, that truth has never been more relevant. Experience propels you beyond the confines of one discipline, campus, or degree to a lifetime of growth, learning, and knowledge creation, anytime, anywhere.

Experience turns undergraduates into leaders.

Through co-op—our pioneering, renowned experiential program—our students put ideas into action in professional positions worldwide. They build knowledge through research, find purpose through service, and become high-impact, global citizens, the agents of change.

Experience ignites discovery.

Experience drives our solutions-focused research enterprise. It fuels our many partnerships with industry, government, and academia, bringing great minds together to solve pressing global challenges.

Experience makes learning lifelong.

Experience built into our graduate and professional-degree programs lends perspective, and direction. It turns our community—and widening network of campuses—into your far-reaching web of support. And it keeps you flexible, adaptable, and in step with the world, at every stage of your life and career.